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Waking up in a luxurious, modern hotel in a Mediterranean city on a Sunday morning, while looking out on a classic building,

dreaming away with a warm cup of fresh coffee in your hand. Suela Home creates this ultimate feeling in your own home.

Besides the blend of old and new, comfort and warmth are the most important components of Suela Home.

This combination makes sure the products come to their own in a luxurious penthouse as well as in a rustic country house.

“Embrace a touch of history and a glimpse of the future.

Be timeless.”

Brand Story


Valencia has been the inspiration for Suela Home. The beautiful street scene where ultramodern buildings come together with nostalgic architecture is the foundation for all our collections. Meanwhile, not only the city of Valencia is the inspiration for Suela Home, but every Mediterranean city with a modern street scene, and its rich history.

Suela Home stands for the coming together of the past, present and a part of the future. The artworks of Suela Home are a true blend of elements from different eras. Nostalgic elements are used tastefully in contemporary prints. The use of colour also emphasizes this combination. Dusty and earthy colours are used in combination with bright white. This makes our products fit both in a modern luxury penthouse and in a rustic farmhouse in the countryside.

Nature also plays a major role within Suela Home. Botanical butterflies, flowers and plants are the common thread that are applied in the designs in a varying manner.

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Suela Home offers a wide range of classy home essentials such as interior textiles, porcelain and paper products, which can be combined endlessly and feel like a great luxurious gift to give or receive.  

The products of Suela Home are created for people that value a homey feel with lots of luxury and warmth. We have given much attention to develop home decoration, with an eye for detail. In our busy lives our home is our sanctuary, where peace and calmness is found. People can unwind because of a natural colour pallet in a fully equipped residence. The Suela home collection comes to its own in a in a luxurious penthouse as well as in a rustic country house.

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