La Terzi has grown tremendously in the services they provide in recent years. In addition to designing, marketing and brands, renting out and furnishing high-end workspaces have also become part of the range. To do this every day at the highest level, you need a dedicated team. The La Terzi team, which now consists of designers, marketeers, salespeople and managers, work together passionately on all the assignments they are presented with.

In 2002 just after completing their studies, Erdem and Lobna founded a textile enterprise which was mostly run by Erdem. However, Lobna was offered a great position working for her father who runs a successful textile company.

In this textile company, Lobna was in charge of the bedding collection and therefore had frequent contact with several designers. This intrigued Lobna and it made her realize that she had her own unique vision. Her family and her husband Erdem encouraged Lobna to utilize her talents to become a designer, and that is what she did. In 2004, the studio, as a part of the trading company, became such a success that Erdem decided to also focus on the design studio. Everything turned out for the best. The studio began growing rapidly, which led to the gain of new and large clients. In a short period of time Erdem and Lobna were in business with renowned brands, retail chains and producers from all over the world for design and production.

Today Lobna and Erdem are proud to be supported by an incredible team of talented designers, marketeers and (sales) staff, respected trading partners and their beloved families who have always been their backbone.

La Terzi organization chart