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Soft pastels, dreamy patterns and utopian prints: Bring the Spring breeze into your home all through the year.

Inspired by the Japanese blossoms, which symbolizes the arrival of spring worldwide. Endless Mae is a contemporary mix between freshness and comfort.

A refreshing combination which becomes a magical veil that turns your home into a pastel-colored picture.

Brand Story

Endless Mae will change your interior into a pastel-colored paradise.

The designs are a colorful combination of sky blue and soft pink shades, interspersed with intense fuchsia and turquoise. Watercolor plays the leading role in this dreamy spectacle, in which romantic floral patterns are altered with pastel-colored explosions. The collection of Endless Mae gives the feeling of that first spring walk with warm sun rays that caress your skin. The view? A vast landscape of heavenly flowers and romantic blossom petals.

Endless Mae duvet cover


Endless Mae offers a wide range of dreamy spectacle home essentials such as interior textiles, porcelain and paper products, which can be combined endlessly and feel like a great pastel-colored gift to give or receive. Endless Mae is for the woman who is the refreshing spring breeze in her own life and also wants this fresh breeze to reflect in her interior. As caring as she is for others, just as much care she puts in decorating her home. She likes freshness and comfort and always has an eye for detail. The blushing pastel shades and soft patterns are symbolic for her femininity and her romantic view of the world.

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