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Melli Mello is a bold and exciting mix of different styles such as: graphic, romantic, ethnic, and floral.

These styles are always elaborated in a new and surprising way.

Therefore, the Melli Mello motto is:

"Why choose, have it all! "

Brand Story

Melli Mello believes in the power of embracing new cultures and traditions besides your own roots. That’s why we love to be inspired by different places, people, cultures and art in the world and create a mix of colours, flowers, styles and patterns. 

The brand name “Melli Mello” is derived from the French word “Méli Mélo”, which means mish mash or mixture. This word describes exactly what this brand is about. Melli Mello is a bold and exciting mix of different styles, such as: graphic, romantic, ethnic and floral. Always with a black and white accent that gives Melli Mello a fresh and fashionable feeling.

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Our aim is to offer a wide range of cheerful home essentials such as interior textiles, porcelain and paper products, which can be combined endlessly and feel like a great colorful gift to give or receive. All our lifestyle products are lushiously decorated, colorfully elaborated and bring joy to your home and life. The designs are always a unique breathtaking mix of graphic patterns, flowers, animalistic and ethnic prints. All this is combined with black white accents. This blend gives Melli Mello a fresh and fashionable feeling!

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